Virtual Group Meditation

Seekers understand the many benefits of meditation, but they often don’t know how powerful facilitated group meditations can be. Using the Zoom online meeting platform, Shusara facilitates live group meditations for each new and full moon and each equinox and solstice. The energy each participant brings is amplified by the collective group energy and Shusara is used as a conduit to lift those energies, transmute what can be released by each person, and allow for a collective raising of consciousness. Unique music playlists are created by Shusara specifically for that day to align with the incoming energies. Participants can join from anywhere via computer or phone; each meditation is 90 minutes long and we offer both noon and 8pm (est) time slots for each. Participants are encouraged to join one or both for the same fee, if time allows.

Is it Effective?

Group meditations are exponentially more effective than meditating alone, as each person’ energy adds to the collective and helps to lift the entire group. Remote, synchronized meditations have been tested many times and are well documented to have been proven highly effective in producing/influencing positive, sustained change for whatever the focus of the group has been. The new medium of online webinars allows us to “link up” virtually and meditate while the connecting internet stream remains open for the duration of the meditation.


Energy exchange for all group meditations is $20 and you may use the link below to register. Please indicate on Paypal the date of the session you wish to join and the Zoom link will be sent to you via email. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions.