What is satsang?

Satsang (from the Sanskrit meaning “true company” or “divine, loving association”) is an ancient process by which spiritual seekers come to be in the presence of the master. The seeker’s consciousness is uplifted by the master’s energy and the master uses the time for discourses, meditation or question and answer sessions. At The Kumara Center we use the satsang tradition as a vehicle of bringing ever-greater awareness to those who seek answers and spiritual liberation at this time.

The nature of reality is coming forward now as films like “What the Bleep?” and leading-edge scientists show the masses how Quantum Physics and ancient teachings can work together to give humanity a greater picture of how our personal and collective reality is created. In order to awaken and transcend the life/death cycle, this knowing must come to the seeker from his own life experience, not just his mental understanding. Time is moving quickly, and the days of one on one instruction are passing. Now is the time for greater impacts to be made with groups of people.

Who Should Attend?

If you have a deep inner calling to find Truth, and the dedication to see it through, this is the place for you. It requires complete honesty and a willingness to discover, explore and confront our deepest unconscious beliefs which act as the pillars of how you experience your reality – aka your life. Many who find their way to Shusara and this work have a background in esoteric spritituality, such as: Vedanta, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Theosophy, the work of teachers/sages such as Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, Gangaji, Adyashanti, and interest and/or personal experience with A Course in Miracles, the work of Gary Renard, and channels such as Ramtha, Bashar and Abraham. However, others find their way to the work very simply – they just come because they feel called. As a caveat: the subconscious mind is quite aware of this level of work and its long-term affect on consciousness, therefore fear is often experienced by the seeker prior to beginning the work, or even for a time after beginning. Please note that if you are drawn to satsang, and at the same time feel unsettled by it, you are most certainly moving in the right direction.


The Kumara Center is a 100% volunteer run non-profit organization. Due to the karmic necessity of energy exchange, we have set up a suggested donation of $20 for satsang sessions, which includes your 1 hour live session and 1/2 hour meditation facilitated by Shusara, as well as unlisted access to the session video on YouTube. Please follow the link to register and note “satsang” in the message box. Upon payment, you will receive an email confirmation with your Zoom link for the session and additional information to help prepare you for satsang (note that the link changes weekly). Feel free to contact events@kumaracenter.org if you have any questions.