Lend Your Support for Change

November 20, 2014 by
Core Council

How long have you been praying for a better world? How many of you have invested your hopes and dreams in a world of peace, without suffering? Surely, anyone reading this blog would apply. My question for you today is, how do you think it is actually going to happen? And, even further, are you prepared and committed to being an active part in the shift?

The reality is this: we live in a polarized world. Our current reality is based in the interplay, and balance, of opposites. Currently on Earth, if we experience joy, we must also experience sorrow, either in our own life, or witness it in the lives of those in the "outside" world. The shift into the Golden Age is a movement from the state of consciousness which believes in, and identifies with, separation, to living from the Unified Field, which is a state of Christed consciousness where all are known to be individuated, but never separated.

The point of today's blog is not to speak about how you hold yourself separate and the work that needs to be done to transcend that. Rather, I'm interested today in the very practical matter of how our physical actions right now are moving us toward the shift, or keeping us locked in an obsolete paradigm. It comes from my personal experience and from witnessing the experiences of true wayshowers who are in my life.

We live in a system of currency and value judgments. Money rules in our daily lives and we assign value to things based on the monetary value that has been assigned to it by the collective. For instance, a doctor is seen to have a high value to society and a fast food worker is not. Their salaries are proof of the collective judgment. Interestingly, there are other jobs where there seems to be a sense of confusion, or conflict, over their value and that value's relation to money. People love to bash lawyers, saying there are too many of them, they are ambulance chasers, and the world would be better off without them. Yet, lawyers make far over the average income, so we actually afford them a high value based on what we are willing to pay them. The same could be said of people working in the banking and investment industries, or the insurance or pharmaceutical industries. On the other hand, society is quick to judge the value of teachers, nurses and clergy members as very high, yet none of these professions is paid in accordance with the value we profess to place on them.


Who made the rules and why do we collectively say one thing and then lend our support to what we don't believe in and withhold support from what we do?

Will this work in the new paradigm? Can the concept of value as determined by currency even work?

These are questions very worthy of your deep contemplation.

The fact of the matter is this. There are people on this planet right now who are already walking in the state of Christ, or unity, consciousness. Operating outside of the established paradigm, these are the people who are fully capable of leading the world into and through the shift, yet the vast majority of them have little to no financial support to do their work and their work remains limited in its scope because of it. We, as a collective, moan and wail about how difficult life is and how we wish things would change, yet we do little to nothing to support those who are actually living the change right now. Remember the Einstein quote which, paraphrased, goes "you can't solve a problem from the level of consciousness which created the problem?" Exactly! And here is the unfortunate truth. How many organizations out there are struggling to keep their doors open because they function from loving service to humanity and refuse to function from the level of the existing paradigm?  How many have just a handful of dedicated people behind them, funding all their work on their own, and can't seem to make those they serve understand how valuable their voluntary financial contribution is to the organization? I dare say, ALL of them.

We are being called to create a new paradigm from within the confines of the old one. How can that happen? Do you see the conflict? Seekers love to justify their lack of financial service to teachers and guides who don't charge set prices for their services by saying that spiritual teaching should be free. Is it true? From the highest level, yes, it absolutely is true. And anyone truly called to service either doesn't desire to charge a dime for their work, or refuses to place a monetary value on their services. On the other hand, seekers are not living from the level of highest truth. From this place, their mentality is flawed. Illumined or not, everyone pays money to live on this planet. So, how do expect a spritual teacher to do the work they are called to do without receiving some kind of support in return? And who is most-likely going to donate to their work outside of those they specifically serve? You must recognize that most of those who are the vanguard of change on this planet are living lives which depend on the sight and generosity of those they serve, but they will serve all, regardless of whether someone pays them or not. That, my dear Ones, is selfless service. They are not here to be taken advantage of. They are here to be supported and their work is here to be edified by you.

The harbingers of the shift have serious work to do and they have the will and the commitment to follow it through to the end. There are books to get published, centers to be opened, movies to be produced, and lots of travel required for lectures and conferences. Their work is full-time and, for most of them, it is a 24/7, 365 day per year job which requires huge amounts of energy to move through their refined nervous systems; all which is extremely taxing to the human body. Those who do not have this calling can have no true understanding of how challenging it is, which is why I am bringing it to your attention now. Did you know that many who are meant to be on the front lines of this movement have either given up or are contemplating it because they either don't have the resources to make it happen, or they work some worldly job to gain the resources and then they don't have the time or energy required to do their other work? Can you imagine how frustrating it can be when all you want to do is help and your hands are tied behind your back? Think about this: what if our collective lack of support for these people is the thing that stops us from being able to make the shift?

Ok, so here's where we get to the point. The average seeker in the world is very selfish and greedy. That's right, I said it. The seeker wants the keys to the kingdom for the price of a book or a series of workshops and doesn't believe they should have any more obligation than that. After all, it's all about them. You will never attain what you believe to be enlightenment without a heart for selfless service, dear Ones. Greed and selfishness is in complete opposition to the state of Christ consciousness. Take some time to objectively look at yourself from this light. Has it been true for you?

At this time, it is up to those who aren't called to be the teachers, inventors, artists, etc... to begin to acknowledge the value of those doing this needed work by doing what they can to help. Begin investing your energy toward the shift in the ways that you can. Some people have been blessed with careers that afford them more than they need and can add substantial financial energy where they feel called. Others work paycheck to paycheck, but have energy in the form of time to add to their favorite causes. The donation of time is always an immense gift to organizations who have volunteer staffs. Many could volunteer their own talents to organizations in the form of free services in accounting, marketing, legal, etc... and business owners could donate products and services like office supplies and items that could be used in fundraising activities.

Unlike traditional religious tithing, which more often than not stems from guilt, we are being called to view the world from a higher place and to function from that level of understanding in our current lives. Find the ideals that you truly believe in and walk them NOW. Lend your energy to those who, right now, embody where you want to see our collective end up. Don't wait for change to come and then offer support. If we all do that, change will never come. Be part of the growing surge in consciousness on the planet by supporting it before the sleeping masses catch on. A leader is nothing without those who step up to join him and the "followers" are truly the ones who make all the difference in the end.

Find the awakened ones and support them in their missions. For all you know, that just may be the purpose of your mission at this time.


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