Love All, Honor All, Serve All

January 25, 2015 by
Core Council

Dear Ones,

Greetings, and congratulations on making it through 2014! It was a challenging year for most of us, filled with hard lessons in how to let go, forgive, and most importantly, how to love more openly and more fully.

You must remember that you are walking the ascension path every day…little by little and step by step. So, too, is the collective of humanity on Earth. Ascension isn’t some event, or point in time “out there.” We are all moving through it right now, each moment bringing us one step closer to the actualization of non-polarized consciousness, or one step further away. And so the dance of ascension continues for us all, moving in direct relation to our understandings and our capacity to live from those understandings in the physical world.

How many of you still just want “out” of here? How many are sick and tired of all the drama in the world…the cruelty, hate, disrespect, fear, self-righteousness, violence, and lack of general decency? There’s polarization in all that and it will keep your consciousness trapped here. Or, are you still holding onto the idea that because you mentally understand the concepts around non-duality and ascension you will be ready for that final level of initiation back into the Illumined Worlds from whence you came? There is a level of denial present in that attitude, mostly due to the repressed fear that you won’t be up to the task at hand. Again, it is a trap. You must remember that you did not come here to escape this reality. You came here to master it; and master it you shall, even if it takes millions of years. No one is released from the grip of polarized consciousness without first mastering how to live in it while remaining unattached to it.

2015 will give us more opportunities to deal with our unfinished business. There is no longer time to play around with our spiritual work. For those of you who are serious about your spirituality when times are tough and lax when life is good, you may be in for a rude awakening if you don’t address the lack of importance you are placing on your spiritual work. Take this as your official warning. Ascension is not a game. It is not fiction or fantasy. It is very real and it is actually happening.

Likewise, for you seekers who are serious about your work all the time, pay close attention now to everything coming up in your world. The universe will point you to any unfinished business you may have been resistant to confronting in the past. It is sure to be placed in your awareness now, but don’t expect it to be right in your face. Part of your mastery here is to read into the subtleties of Spirit in your life and find their meaning and lessons for you. You will need to hone your skills in reading the energies and making connections to things that would otherwise seem unrelated.

You can all expect to witness greater disparities in the world this year. As we move closer to balance within, the world on the outside reflects the opposite. Everything the collective holds in polarization unconsciously is now being witnessed in the world by all. Don’t allow the highly charged energies of the polarization you will experience pull you into the space where you believe them to be real. Like reflections in mirrors at a carnival fun house, what you are witnessing is NOT an accurate representation of reality and it is not to be trusted. Your job is to see the world events as a necessary component of our collective ascension, but to remain unattached and unaffected by them. Your primary job is always to remain in your hearts. From the space of the heart, you will be able to do the following:

Love all, regardless of who they are or how they seem to be. All are reflections of the divine and all reflections, whether true to one’s divine nature or gross misinterpretations of that nature, have the divine as their ultimate source. See the divine in all things, existing at different points on the sliding scale of God’s perfection.

Honor all for their roles in this play of consciousness. Teachers come in all forms, from the ascended master in the etheric to the perfect representation of evil in manifest form. All have a gift to give you on your path home. Make it your work to see the unity in all of it, the interdependency and interrelatedness of all things. See each representation as something sacred and honor every atom of consciousness for playing out the role it was given.

Serve all from this day forward. Consider others’ needs more than your own wants. Be a conscious giver in the world. Assist those who need help, serve those who have something beneficial to give to humanity, and strive every day to be in service to mother-father God and to humanity. Pay attention to the promptings you receive from Spirit. You will be shown ways to serve. Listen and respond accordingly. There is only one, manifested as all, and in serving one, you serve all. Just as, when you help others, you also help yourself.

Be ready to weather the storms this year and equally expectant of witnessing the miracles and magic of Spirit along the way. Remember that God lives in you and through you as you, and that this life is just a dream in the mind of God…a dream of separation that never even happened. You aren’t that which is dreamt of…you are the witness to the dream.