Satsang (May 21, 2015)

May 21, 2015 by
Core Council

There are levels of the psyche that need to be stabilized in order for deeper dissolution work to occur. Tonight, Shusara spoke about how the victim story needs to have a "healthy" balance in one's life before a person will be ready for deeper work. How a person views his own story before dissolution work can be used as an early indicator of how capable he will be at breaking down that story. It is imperative that we all pull back and see ourselves (the personality) as very innocent. The program was placed on you, and choices and actions were dictated by the program and the filters of perception that are locked in place. From outside of the story, you can see the innocence in all of it and must begin to see yourself as that innocent One. In Truth, you're main perfect and whole, regardless of outside appearances and experiences. Dissolution work requires that you not only confront the unconscious mind and all it's trappings, but that you simultaneously retain your understanding that you aren't your personality. This aspect of the spiritual path is paradoxical, but true.