Shifting Energies and the Feminine

April 3, 2014 by
Core Council

The energies are complex and will be extremely strong for the next couple months. EVERYTHING that needs to be transformed is coming up for EVERYONE right now. Specifically, long-held pain within the male/female dynamic that surrounds the collective of women...their roles, subjugation, how they have been seen as inferior...even as property by men for the fulfilling of their own lower chakra, primal needs (think sexual gratification, procreation, and creating/maintainance surrounding home/food) is coming up IN A BIG WAY. The sacred essence of the female has not been honored and that is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE. Both males and females will feel this energy. Females need to step forward now into their authority and either cease the codependent relationships that they find themselves entangled in, or demand immediate change in them. Males must look within and find where they haven't honored the women in their lives...where they saw them as a sexual tool rather than a sacred being...where they depended on women to do things for them to make life easier and were unwilling to take the responsibility upon themselves. Men have wielded their physical strength over women and have used it to dominate and control them. Women have remained too humble and have been afraid to speak the truth about what has been happening. A re-balancing needs to take place. Males need to find their humility and females must find their strength.

No one, and I mean NO ONE, will be exempt from this huge shifting of energy. Remember, we are moving through the beginning of an enormous restructuring of the consciousness on the planet. How each person chooses to deal with what life brings them right now will do one of two things:

1. The person remains in denial, chooses to hold the victim role, refuses to do the inner work necessary to launch the change which will move them out of the ego and into heart...these people will live out the dissolution in the physical. They will lose jobs, lose marriages, have accidents, etc... they will watch their world fall apart from the outside BECAUSE they refused to see how it was falling apart on the inside and to take action when they had the chance.

2. The person accepts that they are living NOW in their PAST. The choices made in the past from the ego's need for domination, manipulation and control set the energies for what they have called forward and are experiencing now. This person will witness that they have deep work to do in order to transcend the patterns that have allowed them to function from the ego and not the heart. It will be challenging and will test their mettle, but they will find the COURAGE and DEDICATION REQUIRED to transcend what is happening in their world. NOT by the ego's subtle tricks and schemes to manipulate situations and others to bend to its will, but by humility and acceptance that they have been focused only on themselves, locked in a world of pain and judgment, and it is time to end that cycle.

Wherever you fit in, you will receive whatever you call forward. Your choices today will determine your future...only you are responsible for what tomorrow brings...don't forget that.