Death and Rebirth

December 7, 2015 by
Core Council


Wow, what a crazy month November was! After having the very strong energetics of what was coming up for the collective show up in my outer world in October, I gave my students fair warning that the energies were on their way. And then I watched as some of my students were challenged to move through very difficult personal circumstances that the world had presented them. And, later in the month, I even had a hand in setting up our own Core Council for some “ego drama” because it was time for another shift to take place within our organization.

Seekers are always searching for the big “a-ha” moment, looking for a huge shift to be experienced that impacts and changes their awareness of the world forever. Those moments do occasionally happen, but more often than not, it is a gradual process, filled with choices made by heart, which expand consciousness, mixed with choices made by the ego, which contract it.

But each time the student makes a choice from heart and experiences the impact of that choice, a little piece of the personal self falls away…sometimes for a short time, and sometimes permanently. So, the ego dies, little by little as the greater, divine will carries the seeker through each life decision.

In meditation, it is the same. Layers of identified consciousness are released, or thrown off, during deep meditation. Dissolution takes place and the personal self reforms after the meditation ends, but it reforms from a new place. And, depending on how deep the meditation, and how long the seeker is able to remain in that refined state, the reforming of the personal self can be minimal or truly transformative. So, you meditate every day and every day there is a type of death and rebirth happening.

And in the outside world…the projection of the collective unconscious…you experience constant death and rebirth through interpersonal relationships. Things get pushed to the surface, the opportunity for growth is presented, and you are given the choice to work together through the death of the old and rebirth into something new and wonderful, or to hang on to what’s been comfortable and ego-driven , either running or pushing away the potential gift of growth and wisdom through adversity.

To be “born again in Christ” is not just terminology from a certain aspect of Christian religion. It is every true seeker’s ultimate goal. It serves to discard the chains that bind, dying to the identification with the personal self, and to step forward from the reawakened level of awareness that you are the Christ…then, now and forever. Amen.

May you all have a blessed month, full of love, respect and honor for the Christ within all people on this Earth.