A Heart of Service in a World of Ego

October 2, 2016 by
Core Council


The program of the ego is centered in domination, manipulation and control. It is not capable of doing anything outside of attempting to attain its personal agendas. Desire is born out of unmet needs and those desires to meet the needs drive the personality to disregard everything that is not in alignment with its quest.

It is all done from a place of pain. The unconscious need for love, money, power, control, satisfaction, etc… is what keeps us trapped in cycles of pain and suffering.

The heart lives in a space of selfless, loving service. It has no awareness of the egocentric needs run by the program of the personal self. When in the heart, we give unconditionally, unattached to outcomes and unbound by the should’s and shouldn’ts of the ego.

We watch the innocent child give completely from the space of their hearts. We adore this aspect of them and view it is a beautiful, yet temporary, condition, destined to fall away with experience and maturity, as it did with us. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Life doesn’t have to be this way.

You, as a divine being, are fully capable of questioning your own motives…your own agendas…and course correcting when you recognize that they are self-serving and exclusive in nature. Just because you don’t automatically see into the unconscious level of your psyche does not mean that you cannot learn how. The door is always opened to those who ask from their hearts.

The ego’s desire is to take and control because it feels powerless. The heart’s desire is to give and surrender because it is the source of all real power. You are not your ego. It is only a limitation that you continue to hold onto out of learned habit. Not only can you be greater…you ARE greater.

Accept the challenge of living in your heart and placing yourself in daily service in this world of the ego. Give of yourself for the benefit of others with no strings attached.

Remember, even small acts of kindness in a cruel world make a very big impact.