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A Heart of Service in a World of Ego

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The program of the ego is centered in domination, manipulation and control. It is not capable of doing anything outside of attempting to attain its personal agendas. Desire is born out of unmet needs and those desires to meet the needs drive the personality to disregard everything that is not in alignment with its quest.

It is all done from a place of pain. The unconscious need for love, money, power, control, satisfaction, etc… is what keeps us trapped in cycles of pain and suffering.

The heart lives in a space of selfless, loving service. It has no awareness of the egocentric needs run by the program of the personal self. When in the heart, we give unconditionally, unattached to outcomes and unbound by the should’s and shouldn’ts of the ego.

We watch the innocent child give completely from the space of their hearts. We adore this aspect of them and view it is a beautiful, yet temporary, condition, destined to fall away with experience and maturity, as it did with us. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Life doesn’t have to be this way.

You, as a divine being, are fully capable of questioning your own motives…your own agendas…and course correcting when you recognize that they are self-serving and exclusive in nature. Just because you don’t automatically see into the unconscious level of your psyche does not mean that you cannot learn how. The door is always opened to those who ask from their hearts.

The ego’s desire is to take and control because it feels powerless. The heart’s desire is to give and surrender because it is the source of all real power. You are not your ego. It is only a limitation that you continue to hold onto out of learned habit. Not only can you be greater…you ARE greater.

Accept the challenge of living in your heart and placing yourself in daily service in this world of the ego. Give of yourself for the benefit of others with no strings attached.

Remember, even small acts of kindness in a cruel world make a very big impact.



What is Freedom, Anyway?

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As we in the United States celebrate Independence Day again, I am moved to take the concept it is built upon and put it under greater scrutiny.

What is it to be free? Here in America, we think we are free because we have the civil rights set in place by our forebears, the right to vote for our elected officials and the ability to move within the country as we please.

However, for those who have looked deeper into what “seems to be,” it is seen that our freedom has been appointed by something outside of us…namely our government. Is it really freedom when it is given from the outside? They…the powers that be…regulate all of it. They created the system we live within wherein we consider ourselves free, and comparing this system to those of more repressed countries is all that is required to keep our good citizens in a relatively non-questioning place where they accept as truth something that isn’t real. You see, within the world, freedom is just a concept, open to interpretation and subject to change.

The mind does the same thing. For those unique individuals who have awoken to the burning desire for spiritual liberation…true freedom…much work has to be done to uncover and root out all the ways the mind works overtime to trick them into complacency regarding their own evolution.

The trickery, manipulation, power struggles and sabotage we witness and judge in the outside world is only a reflection of what the egoic mind creates in its inner world. The battle wages within you and it is up to you alone to determine whether you will give in and admit defeat, or fight with courage and steadfastness until the very end, regardless of the outcome.

How strong of a spiritual warrior do you think you are? Strong enough to die to the Self for your cause of spiritual liberation?

Just as a soldier who goes to war in service to his country, you must initially go to war in the battle of polarization…in service to the Self. The soldier believes he fights for something good, something worthy and noble…freedom, itself! In reality we can see that there is no true freedom in the world. Yet, the soldier fights on. So must you continue to fight the inner war that rages within the polarized self of the lower mind, until such time as it is seen through, altogether. The ego doesn’t die, nor does it transcend itself; it is impossible. The battle is never won or lost. It continues to rage on, as it was programmed to do. However, after fighting valiantly, time and time again, while holding the focus of God in front of itself at the expense of the entire program of the lower mind, the program itself falls away by Grace, and this is where true freedom is experienced.

You, as a seeker, are not here to change anything. You truly aren't. The world, in all its complexity, hypocrisy and separation, functions exactly as it was programmed to. And this program of separation emerged out of consciousness, itself…out of you.

To win the battle which can't be won, one must first wake up to the understanding that, in highest Truth, there is no battle and never has been. The smoke and mirrors illusion of separation is a magical thing…we have been made to believe in something that simple doesn’t…can’t…exist at all.

So, what is freedom, anyway? Freedom is Real. It is a state of Beingness, not a condition under which you live. It is your birthright and awaits you patiently as the snake of the ego eats its own tail, devouring itself until it comes full circle. Keep fighting, warriors of the One. Fight relentlessly for what is Real. Fight for your eternal freedom.



Perseverance Pays Off

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Welcome to 2016! Multitudes of us exited 2015 feeling battered and beat up, both physically and emotionally. Last year was indeed a bumpy ride, and the journey is far from over. It is my personal feeling that we are several years away from any real palpable energetic lifting of the collective on the planet. You have to remember that everything being held in the collective unconscious is now being pushed to the surface for clearing, and it is happening due to the perseverance of people like you who feel drawn, even called, to unraveling and seeing through the matrix of this level of reality.

It is a challenge to not become disillusioned and disheartened by all the adversity presenting itself in our inner and outer worlds, on both personal and collective levels. But, the testing is necessary in our evolutionary journey. Just as you prove your knowledge and mastery of a subject to your school teachers through being tested, you do the same in the school of polarization. It is your consistent, focused attempts at applying the higher understandings you receive to your own life that results in the opportunities for greater understandings to come, and with them, greater and more difficult testing. It is all part of the process of awakening.

Those who still cling to the concept that awakening should be easy, or should be comprised only of holding oneself in a constant state of positivity will be brought harder, and harsher, life experiences to wake them up to the fact that there is no way out of polarity, except to travel through it. All sides must be embraced and the truth present in all of it has to be recognized and owned before higher states of consciousness can actualize through you on a consistent basis. The deepest, most entrenched, beliefs of humanity are coming under scrutiny now more than ever, which is a very good thing. The polarities that present themselves through our beliefs about war, money and politics are prevalent in the world at large now, with vocal expression on both sides. And now, finally, people are beginning to wake up to the fact that, regardless of any particular battle cry, at our core we all want the same things. And that is where we can find common ground on which to build something real. We live in a world where unity through diversity can, and will, be our saving grace, but only if those who are beginning to see the bigger picture continue to persevere in walking from their hearts, and not from the fear and hate that was imprinted onto their consciousness.

The spiritual path begins like a wide, smooth highway and over time, in direct correlation with your choices and actions, becomes rougher, narrower and steeper. At times it appears to be insurmountable and unsurpassable, but keep moving forward, dear Ones. You may stop as needed to catch your breath, but never take a step back. Your dedication and perseverance will pay off.

Happy New Year!